Lamination of different types of Non-woven textiles with PE film with using of hot melt adhesive is main activity of Sayeh Parto Co.

We also produce Non-woven textiles coated with transparent PE film by extrusion. Our other products are Hardcover, Mattress cover, Collar fabric and …, that generally is producing according to the customers’ demand.

Variety of our products is more than 50 types mostly using to prepare medical and surgical packs.

Non-woven textiles like Thermobond, Spunlace and Spunbond are laminating with 24Micron (20 Gr/m2) breathable PE film or 25 Micron (22 Gr/m2) or 50 Micron (45 Gr/m2) Non-breathable PE Film with using of proper Hot melt adhesive.

Medical Products Specification
Specification Possible Range
Fabric Width 50 to 160 CM
Fabric Roll Length 50 to 3000 M
Color of Fabric White, medical Blue
Color of PE Film White, Blue, Transparent
Adhesive 3 to 50 GSM
Packing Roll (with two layers PE film cover)
Fabric Unit Weight 17 to 60 GSM
Film Thickness 14 to 60 Micron